My most useful links

G4DDK's preamp and general microwave pages

G3PHO's excellent portal to everything microwave!!

G4BAO's microwave site

CT1DMK microwave and radio astronomy pages

DL4MEA VHF/UHF and EME pages - lots of useful and interesting stuff!

David Kirby's site - A very useful source of power tube data sheets

DF6NA site with Russian tube and many TWT data sheets

SM5BSZ - the Linrad site

North Texas Microwave Society (NTMS) microwave pages

HB9BBD pages - preamps, dishes and links to hydraulics primers!

LZ2US Amplifier pages - rugged tetrode VHF and UHF PA's!

G4FRE/WW2R radio pages

Pages of the West Chester ARA,OH - based at the old Voice of America site

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