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Here is the set of slides I used for my Small Dish Azimuth Drive presentation at EME2016 in Venice. You can download the full proceedings, and view the actual lectures, via the EME2016 website.

The detail presented in these slides is more current than the submitted printed paper, and reflects work until mid August.
Surface Mount - Moving on

Here is the slide set used at the RSGB 2014 Convention presentation on Surface Mount techniques.

An updated resource list is here.

G4HUP Presenting
Hand soldering an SMD part
Pictures courtesy of Mike Richards, G4WNC

EME 2014 - France

Slides from Conference presentation are here

Surface Mount for the Terrified

Here is the slide set used at the RSGB 2013 Convention presentation on
Surface Mount techniques.

The Resources list I passed around the hall is here.

Update on the solder rework station mentioned in my slides (above). I have since found (and bought!) a UK sourced version of the same product which appears to meet UK regulations - sold under the brand name Maxtra 898D, which you can query on a well known auction site.

Live demonstration of SMD manual placement
Concentrated activity in the Convention SMD Build!


Conference paper extract from Proceedings here

Excel calculation spreadhseet
download here

Presentation slides here

EME2012 presentation video here. Select EME2012 Conference under Film Archive, click on Select Category and then G4HUP - Tower stresses

For papers on Distribution Amplifiers, and surplus ISA ethernet card filters, see list here

Acrobat Reader click here

Note: Some of these files are quite old, and I no longer have many of the originals. If you want to discuss any of them, please contact me via the link on the home page, not via e-mail address contained within the various papers. I do still have the software files, but no longer have the PCB files and layouts in a soft form.

RSGB Microwave Round Table Technical Collection 1998 GB3MHS - 13cm Microwave Beacon

Weinheim 1999, UKW44 Beacon Keyers using PICs

Weinheim 2000, UKW45 Amplifier Combining for High Power at 13cm

Weinheim 2001, UKW46 A PIC Controller for RF Tube PA's

Weinheim 2002, UKW47 A PIC based T/R Sequencer

Weinheim 2003, UKW48 A Hotplate for Microwave PCB Assembly - updated 2008 circuit diagram

MUD 2006 Dayton WC8VOA presentation on behalf of KA8ABR and N8ECI

Mud 2007 Valley Forge, PA Remotely Adjustable Feed Positioner for dishes.

EME 2010 Dallas, TX 23cm DFS based RF downconverter for use with SDR receivers

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