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New DG8-2 2m masthead preamp assembly kit
Distribution Amplifier DA1-8HL
New PA K3 IF Buffer Assembly kit

New Product 144MHz Masthead Preamp kits - order before March 1 2016 for your discount!

New Product IF Out Filter/buffer for K3 series rigs

Update CNC Machined front panel now standard for LC Meter kits

PAT Installation Notes for TS 450 and 690 Series rigs added

8 Channel Distribution Amp/Multicoupler

RF Current meter kit - measurement data added

Latching Relay Driver kits

Slides and Resources from RSGB Convention 2014 SMT Presentation SMT Resources

Paper and Spreadsheet from EME2012 EME2012 stress paper and slides

Crystals 'to order' and stock values too

Reference Data RLC Electronics Coax Switch Data added

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